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chicken.gifDecember 23, 1995

Hi, my name is Pip, that's short for Pip Squeek, and I think I am the world's first computer literate chicken. Tomorrow (Christmas Eve) I will be 5 weeks old. I live with The Girl and help her do her computer work. I like to sit on her hand while she types.

I guess you would say I am an orphan. The Girl got me to keep her other chicken, Clementine, company after her first chick mysteriously disappeared. Unfortunately Clementine did not appreciate the substitution (chickens aren't stupid, you know) and after a very traumatic morning I came to live in The Girl's office. At night I have a very cozy cage to sleep in and then if the weather is nice I spend the day in a bigger cage at the barn with the Horse-people.

I really hate it when The Girl leaves me even tho' Clementine comes and visits me. All the cats visit me too but I don't think they'd be very fun to play with. The Girl says once I get big enough to chase the cats I can stay out of my cage all day. I sure hope I get big soon.

While I'm helping The Girl "surf the Net" I'd really like it if somebody wrote to me too. If you'd like to know more about me please write and I'll try to answer as quick as I can. You'll have to excuse me if I make typing errors tho' - I'm still using the "hunt & peck" method.


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chicken.gifJanuary 1, 1996

Happy New Year!
I hope all of you had a safe New Year's Eve. I didn't get to party because ... well... I went to bed with the chickens. I pretty much like to be back in my cozy cage in The Girl's office by the time it gets dark. I heard some loud noises tho'. Humans are really funny - apparantly you can judge how much fun they are having by how nuch noise they are making. Oh well.

I'm 6 weeks old now and starting to get a little taller. I am growing some lovely feathers and even have a pretty neat set of tail feathers started. Yesterday was a good day. As I was helping The Girl clean the horses' stalls I finally got to have a really good dirt bath.

You'd never imagine how much we chickens enjoy our dirt baths. The Girl doesn't seem to understand it either. She picked me up and was making YUCK noises and said now I not only looked like a piece of horse poop but smelled like one too. I have to admit I did smell pretty good. I really don't know what she was complaining about.

Well, back to hunting bugs (yum!). I'll check in again later.


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chicken.gifJanuary 9, 1996

Can you believe how cold it is? I'm so lucky to have a nice warm house to live in but I feel so sorry for all my brothers and sisters who don't. If you are also lucky enough to have a warm safe home to spend these awful cold days and nights in please think of those who don't - both human and animal people.

Make sure all of your animal friends have shelter from the wet and wind and cold and if you can help any of your human friends by donating used clothes and blankets to your local shelters I'm sure it will be much appreciated. Remember we are all valuable members of this planet's society.

I think I'll go hibernate until I get warm again - these keys are cold!


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chicken.gifJanuary 21, 1996

This week I'm 2 months old! It's really too bad you can't see me because I am really getting to be very pretty. The Girl says I look just like a real chicken now - only tiny. My tail feathers are coming in nicely and I can fly pretty far too. I'm still helping her clean the horses' stalls in the morning but she's been working some so I haven't gotten to visit with her as much as I'd like.

I guess I still have a few months before I'll get to stay out of my cage in the daytime. The Girl says the cats just love fresh chicken (whatever that means!) so until I get bigger than they are I have to stay inside my cage when she's not around.

Well, I have to go for now - my dustbath is waiting.


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chicken.gifMarch 27,1996

III'm back!
Did you miss me? I've been hurt and I couldn't write. About 6 weeks ago I got my wing caught in my cage and broke it. The Girl took me to see Uncle Raul (she says he a veteranarian, whatever that is) and he made me lay on my back and took pictures of my wing. They put a bandage on me but I kept getting my feet caught in it and tearing it off. So she made me a body suit that went over my whole body. It had holes for my feet and covered both my good wing and the broken one.

Did you know that chickens can't balance and walk very well without their wings? I was SO upset because I kept falling over when The Girl had both of my wings bandaged. When she saw that I couldn't stand up she let me keep one of my wings outside the bandage and that was OK. Uncle Raul took the bandage off 2 weeks ago but I still can't fly. I was SOOO itchy! I scratched and fluffed for a really long time when the bandage first came off. The wing just doesn't work like it used to. I sure hope it starts to work again.

At least I'm back visiting the barn again. Clementine still doesn't like me but I think she was a little bit glad to see I was OK. You can't believe how much I enjoyed my first dirtbath in 6 weeks. I dusted for a half hour!! Have you ever had your body bandaged?


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chicken.gifMay 12,1996

Hi there!
I'm feeling so much better now and would really like to thank all my friends who sent me get well wishes. I really appreciated them.

My wing is starting to work much better - I can jump up and fly onto low things now, which means I'll be able to roost in a tree if I want to. As long as I can roost in a tree I'll be safe at night from the foxes who live in the neighborhood. The cats have finally accepted me as a member of the family and except for liking to jump out and scare me every once in a while they leave me alone.

Things have been pretty busy around here this month. There were 3 birthdays - Steve (one of the human people) turned 41, Jamal (one of the Arabian horse people) turned 32, and Med (the Thoroughbred horse person) turned 13. We found out that an alligator lives in the canal behind the barn and I LAID MY FIRST EGG!! Is this exciting stuff or what?

Every week I get to spend a little more time loose at the barn. I have such a good time hunting bugs and things to eat. I can't wait until I don't have to go into my cage during the day. It should be pretty soon now. Even Clementine (the other chicken person) is starting to act friendly. The days are warm and sunny - I definitely live in chicken paradise!

Guess that's it for now. Oh, we now have a Visitors' Guest Book! Please sign it before you leave.


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chicken.gifJune 8,1996

How are you doing?
I wish everyone could live in as beautiful a place as I do - not to mention all the luxuries the girl tells me I should appreciate. Don't all chicken people get a nice warm breakfast of cooked rice and baby food?

The big news is that I'm finally big enough to stay outside all day all by myself. I even chased one of the cat people the other day - and she ran! I get to spend the whole day playing at the barn, taking dust baths, eating bugs. Life is good.

The Girl took some pictures of me the other day. It was Uncle Raul's (my doctor) birthday and I sent him a picture of me looking happy and healthy. The last time he saw me was when I broke my wing so I wanted him to see how well I'm doing. She says she's going to put my picture on my page here so everyone can see how pretty I am.

Guess I'll close for now. See ya later!

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chicken.gifJune 15,1996

I have had a very eventful week. I started sitting on my eggs this week. There were 11 of them - I think I need to be bigger. It was very hard trying to keep all of them covered. The first night I decided to sit on them was VERY scary. The Girl called and called for me but I didn't say a word (I usually answer her). Finally she stopped calling and turned off all the lights at the house.

Usually I get to sleep in my nice, safe carrier in The Girl's office. I didn't realize how many animal people there were who like to walk around at night. I saw toad people and rat people and REALLY big bug people. I have to admit I didn't like it very much. All night all I could think about was my nice, safe carrier and how much I wished I were in it.

I stayed outside for three nights and then I decided that I'd had enough of that. I'm so glad The Girl can speak chicken because when I told her how much I wanted to sleep in the house again she said OK. So at night all I have to do is walk up to the house and she lets me into my carrier with some food and water and puts me into her office where I can sleep and not worry that something strange will decide to come visit me.

Ooops, it's getting to be bedtime. Now that I only sleep in the house at night I have to do my writing before I go to bed. I hope your bed is soft and safe too.


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chicken.gifJune 27,1996

Hello out there!
Well, life just keeps on getting more interesting every day. I now have a new boyfriend. He came to live with us June 16th. He's sooo cute and very nice - although he does get kind of pushy when The Girl brings us grapes. I guess he didn't have a mother to teach him that ladies are s'posed to come first. Oh well, I really don't like grapes as much as he does anyway. He LOVES grapes!

His name is KungPao WanFu and he's a Chinese Silky (that's a chicken). He's kind of a pain because he's never lived outside before. You should have seen the fuss he made over walking in the dirt. Geez, he didn't even know how to chase bugs or take a proper dust bath, can you believe it? But I'm taking him under my wing and he's coming along pretty well.

Also, Clementine is sitting on 7 eggs, so I'll have some new playmates by July 5th. I can't wait! The Girl says she'll try to get some pictures of the whole family for my diary after the new chicks come.

It's been raining here almost every day. Sometimes it gets dark really early and then the rain comes so hard I can't hear anything else. I don't like it when it gets like that - I try to get The Girl to let me into the house when it gets dark but she tells me it's too early to go to bed. I guess I must have looked so pitiful that she took my carrier to the barn so I can get into it when the weather gets bad. It's not quite as good as being in the big house but I feel a whole lot happier being able to sit in my own bed even if it is in the barn.

Well, I'll close for now. I'll let you know when the new kids arrive. Have a fun Fourth of July (and don't have chicken wings for an appetizer).


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chicken.gifJuly 28,1996

I'm sorry I haven't written sooner, but things here have been kind of scary and a little sad this past month. Fu was killed a few weeks ago by some Dog people who broke into the property. It was really awful and I'm still pretty upset. So I'm sure you can understand why I haven't felt like writing.

Even though we live in an area where everyone has a few acres to live on (which sure seems like a lot of space to me!) there are some VERY irresponsible Humans who let their Dog people run loose. These are really BIG Dog people even by Human standards! These Dog people were all getting together every morning and going "hunting", just for fun! They killed some of my neighbor Chicken people and then a few days later they came in and killed Fu. They almost got Clementine and her baby but Clem was smart and led them away and then she got away too.

The Girl called some people who catch loose Dog people that are causing trouble and they came and caught them. She said the people promised her that the Dog people would be killed for killing the Chicken people. She said that once Dog people start hunting and killing they always do it and so they would have to be killed.

I'm really glad that I won't have to worry about them coming to get me too but I think it's the Humans who let their Dog people loose who should be punished. If they just took better care of their Dog people and made them stay on their own property nobody would have gotten hurt in the first place. So while I'm very relieved that they won't be back, I still have to worry about other Dog people that might come in because their Humans don't care enough to make them stay at home.

I guess that's all for right now. I didn't really feel like writing but I thought I should let you know about Fu. He was very sweet and even though I didn't like him much at first we were starting to be pretty good friends. I miss him a lot.

Oh, I almost forgot! I do have some good news to end on. Clementine hatched one egg - a black part Silkie chick who has big feet with feathers on them. We haven't thought of a name for the baby yet. We don't even know if it's a girl or boy (I'm betting on a boy). So if you have any ideas for a name please e-mail me and let me know.

Take care of the people you love.

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chicken.gifOctober 17,1996

Gee, it's been a long time since I last wrote in my Diary!
A whole lot has happened in the past few months. I guess I should start by saying that we lost Clementine when her baby was 6 weeks old. We still don't know what happened but The Girl found her dead behind the barn one morning in late August. Needless to say we miss her a lot.

She had just weaned her baby a few days earlier so at least he was used to being without her. Anyway, the baby, we named him Vinnie, is now 3 months old and a really cute little guy.

The two GameHens, Laverne and Shirley have taken him under their wings and he roosts with them in the big tree behind Jamal's house at the barn. I'm still sleeping in the house altho' I spend all day outside now.

I have a new boyfriend! He's a VERY good-looking big blond guy from next door. I think he likes me too, because he comes over every day and hangs out with us all day. We (Laverne, Shirley, Vinnie and Me) spend the day chasing bugs with him in the yard around the barn and the house.

Well, I'll close for now. Just wanted to write a quick note to catch up. I'll write again soon and tell you about the new little green bird who has come to live with us.

Check out the Family Album for new pictures!

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chicken.gifOctober 23,1996

I had a few moments so I thought I'd write some more.
As I mentioned before we have another new member of the family. He's a little green bird person who used to live with his family in the trees across the street but now he lives in the big house with me and The Girl and the other Human, Steve.

Something must have attacked him because now he can't fly. Steve found him walking down the road all by himself last week and brought him home to us. I think he really misses his family and flying with them. The Girl says he might not ever get well enough to fly again so I guess he'll be staying with us.

Also, I told you about my new boyfriend. His name is Yelomon and he lives next door. But everyday he comes over to see me and Laverne and Shirley. Vinnie (the baby) doesn't like him too much so he sort of stays by himself. I feel sorry for Vinnie but I just couldn't help liking Yelomon. So I try to be extra nice to Vinnie whenever I see him.

Gotta go for now - see ya!

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chicken.gifNovember 2,1996

How do you like the cooler weather?

The Girl tells me that I am very lucky to be living where I am. She says that it's not so nice in other places. It's really beautiful here tho'.

Every morning I get up and The Girl lets me outside to play with Yelomon, Vinnie and Shirley. Even tho the grass is wet it's still pretty nice. The air is warm and the sun feels really good. We have our routine for the day. Except for Laverne - she's sitting on an Egg in Jamal's stall. He's one of the Horse people and he's helping protect her while she's taking care of her Egg.

First we check out the food at the barn and then we cruise the Horses' houses to see if they've dropped anything good to eat. Then, when the sun gets really hot, we play in the shady bushes and chase bugs. After we've eaten everything we can find we take our dirt baths and then nap for a few hours. Isn't it nice to have friends to play with?

I stay outside with my friends until it starts getting dark and they all have to go home to bed. Yelomon goes back to his house nextdoor, Vinnie and Shirley climb their tree behind Jamal's house and I go thru my very own door into my little house inside The Girl's house. She uses the whole big door but the Cat people and I have our very own door that we can use whenever we want. Isn't that cool?

Sometimes I don't go to bed right away. I really like to hang out with The Girl and Steve and the Cat people. We sit on a big soft perch inside the house and watch Humans move around inside a big box. I don't really understand why they like to do this but it's neat sitting there with them anyway (I usually just go to sleep).

Well, guess that's it for today. I can hear Yelomon calling me to come out and play so I guess I'd better go. Have a fun day!

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chicken.gifMarch 12, 1997

Well, again it's been a while since the last time I've written.

My first birthday and Christmas have long passed and it's spring again. Thanks to that Groundhog person in Pennsylvania it looks like winter is over. YAY!! I don't much like it when it's cold outside so I'm really happy to have the weather warm again.

We lost some more family members since the last time I wrote. My friend Yelomon had one too many fights with the big red rooster next door and then LaVerne got sick of a mysterious illness and despite the care of the Girl she passed away too. My beautiful Vinnie was killed by a neighbor's Jack Russell and then our VERY old Horse-person friend, Jamal, finally decided to give his body a permanent rest. The Girl and I miss all of them so much.

But there are some really happy events to report. Blanca, a new Chicken-person who moved in with us has hatched 4 of my eggs and 2 of Shirley's and is now surrogate Mom to 6 cute chicks. Also the Duck-people have 10 new children although they don't officially live with us - they're just sort of neighbors. And then two Silkie-people (Lily and Suzy) have also moved in with us. I hope to have some new pictures in the family album soon. I'll let you know.

Well, sorry this is so short but I have to go check on the chicks and the Silkies. See ya' later.

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chicken.gifDecember 1, 1997

Ok, I know it's been a REALLY long time since I wrote, but we chickens have a lot of important stuff to take care of and I just haven't had any extra time. Also, The Girl has been working a lot so it's been hard to get a chance to use the computer - she spends all her time on it when she isn't visiting with us outside people. I'll do my best to make up for it tho'.

It's winter again but fortunately not cold here where I live - it doesn't get really cold very often so that' s a good thing. I had my second birthday at the end of November so I guess you could say I'm all grown up now. Even so I'm still smaller than the Silkie Chicklets and they are pretty small. Oh well, I act a lot bigger than my real size - you should see me chase the cats and the ducks!

The population of Chicken people has grown too, altho' a lot of my good friends aren't with us anymore. The Chicken family now consists of old friends Shirley and Blanca "The White Witch", the two Silkie Chicklets (Lily and Cissy), two roosters, Vito (part-Silkie - Vinnie's and my son) and Kellog (Shirley's son), Sophia, my "Golden Butterfly" (part-Silkie -Vinnie's and my daughter) and Miss Lucretia and her Gangsta Chicks (6 of them!) and, of course, ME.

Be sure to check out the Album for pictures of everyone. The Gangsta Chicks are almost two months old now and their mom is still hanging out with them and bringing them back into the feed room at night to sleep in their cage. Usually we hens are so tired of our kids that we kick them out on their own at about 6 weeks, but not Lucretia. She was always sort of by herself before and now she seems to really enjoy having a whole gang to play with.

We call them the Gangsta Chicks because they take over EVERYTHING. You should see them eat! They have no manners at all and just shove us elders out of the way. Lucretia has them so spoiled it's just awful. There are six of them and the biggest one is definitely a rooster - his name is Luther. Then the baby of the group looks just like her dad, Oliver (who's among the no-longer-with-us) so her name is Olivia. I'll let you know when I find out the names of the rest of them.

It rained here yesterday so there's lots of water and mud to play in today. There are little frog babies swimming in the water that are really fun to chase and after the rain stops the water is just full of all sorts of yummy bugs and things. This is my favorite time of year - I have to confess I'm not crazy about it when it's hot outside. In fact I spent the whole summer snoozing in my little house inside the Girl's house. She tried to make me go outside everyday but since I can go thru the kitty door like the Cat People it was a piece of cake to just run back inside. After I had a good dust bath and some snacks of course. Don't you just love "air conditioning"?

I guess I'll sign off for now. The Girl has promised to put the new pictures in my Album so I guess I should let her have her computer back. Besides I can hear Vito crowing for me. Have a good holiday and take care of the people you love.

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chicken.gifNovember 14, 1998

Wow, it's really hard to believe that a whole year has passed since I last wrote. But time definitely does fly. The Girl has been so busy that I just haven't been able to spend much time at her computer. She has a full time job now teaching other humans how to use the computer and design web pages. Maybe if I'm lucky she'll have someone work on mine for me once in a while.

It's been an eventful year for me too. It's almost time for my 3rd birthday - can you believe it?? The bad news is that almost all of my friends are not here to help me share it. A family of raccoons moved into our yard a few months ago and killed many of them. All of the old ladies who were here when I came are gone and, again, I've lost my beautiful rooster friends. The good news is that the raccoons have all been caught and relocated to the Everglades and that I do still have 5 friends to play with. Kellogg, Katy, Sophia, Cissy and Lily are still here and even tho I miss everyone else terribly I am happy to have them. The Girl is going to find someone to build a nice tall roosting cage for them so that even if the raccoons do come back they won't be able to sneak up on them and grab them at night.

The weather is starting to turn a little cooler altho it's still nice and warm. I usually spend the summer inside the house since I really don't like it when it's too hot. That's probably why I'm still here!

The Girl is working on some new Album pages. I'll let you know when they are up! Gotta go for now - check back again soon!

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