Adobe Image Club - Catalog of fonts and clip art hosted by Adobe Software [18/25/99]

Air Travel - Ticketmaster, Airline ticketing (coming) [1/23/96]

Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream - Yum! [6/25/96]

BubbaNet - A don't-miss web site if you like Moon Pies! [5/6/96]

Cybernation - Ft Lauderdale Coffeehouse with on-line computer terminals [4/25/96]

The Discovery Channel - Home page for TV's Discovery Channel [1/23/96]

Egghead - Sponsored by Egghead Software; includes downloadable demos for Egghead products [6/11/96]

Financial Services (Mtg. Rates) - HSH Associates, mortgage rates, nat'l averages, lender rates online from 2000+ financial institutions [1/23/96]

Great Lakes Science Center - (Cleveland OH) Online exhibits; film clips; download instructions for at-home experiments. [10/17/96]

Insight Products - Your discount source for computers, hardware and software [10/17/96]

JAVA - Java World [6/26/96]

JAVA - Symantec Cafe [6/26/96]

L.L. Bean Home Page - Information on hiking, camping, cross-country skiing and other outdoor activities; tips on selecting outdoor gear; finding some of America's best parks [1/23/96]

Leonard's Cam World - Weather Cams. Travel Cams. Cams Just For Fun. Cams, Cams and More Cams. CAM WORLD Is An Organized Collection of Over 350 Links To Outdoor Cams in the USA, Scenic Cams in Europe and Weather Cams Worldwide. See The Weather, Check The Traffic or Travel The World. [10/17/96]

Lernout & Hauspie - Connecting People and Machines through Speech and Language. L&H is the leading worldwide provider of speech & language solutions [8/25/99]

Macromedia Software - Download Shockwave and demos; play back interactive presentations [1/23/96]

MSNBC - If you can't watch TV, keep up with them online [5/6/96]

NBC TV - news,weather & sports.[8/25/99]

Parsons Technology, Inc. - Since 1984, your source for software and more [8/25/99]

PointCastPointCast Information Network - Free Download! Pointcast Network, an award-winning plug-in that broadcasts free, personalized, up-to-the-minute news and information directly to your computer. GET THIS! [8/25/99]

RealAudioPlayer - Provides real-time, near-FM quality over the Net [1/23/96]

TV Guide Online - A great place to visit for TV addicts; soap news, chat rooms and bulletin boards; news, weather and sports WOW! [7/31/96]

Virtual Vinyard - Visit the Wine & Food shops [8/25/99]

The Weather Channel - Weather info, maps & forecasts [5/29/96]

White Pine Software - Video Conferencing; CU-SeeMe software; w/full color video [1/23/96]

Windows Magazine Tech - News, tips and lab notes [8/25/99]

ZDNet AnchorDesk

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